In the same week that Sotheby’s in New York famously sold a Basquiat in auction for $110.5m, their New Bond Street Headquarters in London held their annual photography auction of 2017. My most recognised image – Mankind – was well bid throughout the week and eventually sold for £60,000 – the highest winning bid for any of the 100 lots in the auction. It is also the highest price that has been paid for any of my images. It was a thrilling day and I hope an important landmark for my career. It is a very special image and I know more than anyone that it was hard earned. South Sudan is not an easy place to work and there were some nervous moments in the Field, but Mankind was the reward. I am encouraged to continue to push boundaries and to take the path less trodden.

We look foward to working with Sotheby’s in the years ahead.