Gary Player, has come together with David Yarrow, to produce a stunning package of African Wildlife fine art photographs. The limited edition collection will be auctioned off at Gary Player Invitational events around the globe in 2015 as a way to make a difference in the lives of others, while also creating a truly unique African bespoke offering.

“David Yarrow has proven to be a master at capturing the distinct beauty of Africa that I have always cherished,” said golf icon Gary Player. “I could not be happier to partner with David and bring this collection of breathtaking images of Africa to our Gary Player Invitational events around the world.”

This exclusive package will be limited to only 25 signed editions, and the value of the package can easily be seen, with single pieces of work by Yarrow regularly selling for over $65,000. The five wildlife images included have recorded prices that in aggregate would value considerably more than $100,000.

Read more about the partnership on the Gary Player website here.

Gallery Hero Image

“I am so flattered by this partnership. Of course I recognize that Gary Player has achieved so much on the golf course, but he sets even higher standards in day-to-day life. He is a family man first and foremost, and beyond that he continues to put others before himself. He has great passion in all that he does and I – in a far more modest way – have the same passion for the task of taking transcending photographs. I take great inspiration from him and so this is a proud moment for me. I will do all I can to help this most wonderful and well-managed foundation.” – David Yarrow.