78 degrees North

“78 Degrees North” – Taken on last year’s NWS trip to Svalbard


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Specialist travel outfitter Natural World Safaris announces an exclusive new photographic safari for 2018 to South Georgia led by renowned wildlife photographer David Yarrow. Forming part of its specialist led Aperture by NWS service, just 12 guests will sail onboard the expedition Hanse Explorer, from 3rd to 17th November 2018 to discover the wild southern Atlantic Ocean.

From 100,000 elegant king penguins which cover the Salisbury Plain, to the colossal southern elephant seals in Right Whale Bay combined with the dramatic backdrop of snow-capped peaks and rugged cliffs make it the ideal setting to capture incredible wildlife photography.

David Yarrow has developed a reputation for capturing the natural world in breath-taking images, photographing some of the planet’s most endangered species. On this trip, he will share his expertise with one-on-one tuition for each guest. From framing the shot to editing, David will offer practical guidance whilst also sharing his personal tales of wildlife photography and conservation work across the globe.


David Yarrow says, “I have been planning an autumn 2018 trip to South Georgia for some time and Natural World Safaris have offered me the chance to design a bespoke expedition. I have, to date, only led trips with Natural World Safaris as it is a partnership that works well. They do not compromise and neither do I.

“South Georgia is one the world’s most treasured wildlife locations and offers the chance to take stunning photographs. The weather can be unpredictable and there is merit in allocating several days to visually intoxicating locations such as St Andrews Bay. It is a long way to go, to then rush off again.

“My preference was to travel in as small and intimate a boat as possible and to stick exclusively to South Georgia, to allow us to be there for the full 10 days. This is a highly specific expedition and we will not be visiting Antarctica. I also wanted to travel as early in the season as possible to maximize the chance of getting decent snow cover.

“It is this combination that I feel offers the best opportunity to take powerful images. Our job is now to fill the boat with like minded people and make sure everyone has the trip of a lifetime. The small number of people on the boat will allow me to spend as much time with each and every one of those on board and give advice and encouragement as and when needed. It should be a memorable and rewarding two weeks. The boat is as good as is available in this corner of the world and will be a comfortable, warm and well equipped base to return to as and when we make landings on South Georgia.

“This is not a cheap expedition and I have agreed with Natural World Safaris to waive my fee and travel as a paying passenger. This should help take the price per berth down a little.”

Jonathan Lee, a guest on David Yarrow’s last Natural World Safaris expedition to Svalbard in 2017 recounts the experience;

“Nothing really prepares you for an expedition of this sort – it was something truly special. The combination of a best in class operator in Natural World Safaris, a master of his craft in David Yarrow, and a small group of individuals from different corners of the globe, made for an experience like no other.

“When I set off for Svalbard with NWS last year, I anticipated breathtaking scenery, incredible wildlife encounters and impeccable operations. The expedition delivered these in spades. I would end each day in disbelief at what I had witnessed, and start the next giddy with excitement and wide-eyed wonder.

“That said, I could not account for two other things which made the trip stand out for me. Firstly, that I would make lasting friendships – it’s amazing what happens when a diverse group with a shared vision gets together. I certainly did not expect that the hours spent cruising between locations would turn out to be such a good time, and serve up highlights of their own.

“Secondly, that I would be so inspired and challenged by David to elevate my photography. David was incredibly generous with his time; he would review our shots with us, provide advice and pointers, and share perspectives from his time spent capturing powerful images around the world. As someone with a passion for photography, this was a priceless experience for me. Not to mention we were right there with David as he captured his now iconic picture, ‘78 Degrees North’.

“When I look back at images from this expedition (which I do constantly), I am repeatedly amazed. Natural World Safaris and David Yarrow knew what kind of expedition they wanted to put together, and I am so grateful that I did not miss the opportunity to be a part of it.”


Natural World Safaris offers the 15-day South Georgia Photography Safari from £35,000 per person. For more information and to book, Please email or visit
or call UK 01273 691642 / US Toll Free 1866 357 6569