Tusk Wildlife Gala


I am pleased that my relationship with TUSK – the UK’s most acclaimed conservation NGO – is now in its 4th year. I am lucky to be their photographic ambassador in these crucial times of poaching, land encroachment and man’s disrespect to other mammals.

My role as their affiliated photographer affords me many advantages in the field and I am delighted that I can give back partly by my imagery raising awareness of the beauty of African wildlife, but more substantively by charity sales of my prints at TUSK events. In the last two years, the most important of these has been the Gala dinner in New York in early April.

I am just a snapper but very proud those snaps raised $163,000 at this year’s gala in New York for conservation.

I would like to thank Charlie Mayhew – the Founder of TUSK and Ellen O’ Connell, their American CEO, for their unwavering support for all that I do. I am humbled but happy. Well done Tusk. Tomorrow the fight goes on! There is much more that we can do together and I would urge everyone to remember that we have a responsibility to end our tenancy of the planet with a better legacy than the one that currently would be ascribed to us.