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Montana, USA - 2022

I do think Westerns have been too male dominated, almost to the point of parody. Taylor Sheridan’s outstanding 1883 readdressed the balance and his star, Isabella May, shone bright as Elsa Dutton - she stole many scenes from Sam Elliot and Tim McGraw and that is some achievement.

Our Isabella is often Josie Canseco and she shows again in this shot, not far from where some of 1883 was filmed, why we use her. She has presence, intelligence and attitude - despite the extreme cold that day at Crazy Mountain Ranch , near Paradise Valley, Montana where the Duttons settled. ( Yellowstone )

I have huge admiration for Taylor Sheridan - what a storyteller and what entertainment he has given us. If anyone is in any doubt as to how tough life was on the final frontier - they must watch 1883.

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