Bagheera Raises $33,000 At The Palm Beach Conservation Gala

1st February 2017

This January, at the Palm Beach Zoological and Conservation Gala in Palm Beach, we donated a large framed print of my image “Bagheera” – of a black leopard. This is a coveted piece and as always there are only 12 prints available in this edition.

We were delighted that the winning bid was a fantastic $33,000. This will help the zoo pursue their new and enlightened projects. The Palm Beach Zoo is one of the most progressive non-profit zoological organisations in the world and I was honoured to be asked to play a role in the event. It is desperately short sighted and elitist to ascribe all zoos as “human evil”.

There are some shocking zoos in the world, but the many good ones have a material role to play in raising awareness, offering endangered animals protection and building behavioural understanding. The Palm Beach Zoo is a paragon in its field and should be admired as such.