Charitable Contributions 2019

11th December 2019

We are confident that our philanthropy give back number for 2019 will now exceed £2m. This was our goal at the beginning of the year and it is so pleasing that we look set to achieve this milestone - it is a team effort and a great deal of the credit should go to the charities and NGOs themselves.

The recent tie up and print signing with Leonardo DiCaprio should have material implications for where our charity number will go in 2020. We live in an era in which investing and working with purpose is necessary given the challenges we all face in sustainability. With a content based business model, I have a platform as an artist to do this in a time efficient way.

Our tie up with Cindy Crawford has led to establishing links with the University of Wisconsin and in particular the paediatric unit at the Hospital and their research department led by Dr Paul Sondel. In November Paul invited me up to Madison to see their facilities, give a talk and then watch the famous Wisconsin Badgers play at home in a college football game. It was a busy but moving day. We arrived late for the game and were taken aback to see 65,000 people already in their seats.

Cindy’s photo shoot with us in January in Montana has now raised $250,000 for Dr Sondel and his team. No one deserves it more - he is a truly outstanding man and it has been a pleasure to get to know him and his team. I want to thank Nancy Francisco-Welke for making sure that Wisconsin is now very much on our road map and of course Cindy Crawford for trusting me in the first place.