February Events

7th March 2018

The year end closure of Rotella, the gallery that represented us in Manhattan, was known to us in the middle of last year. We were saddened by the news simply because Robert Rotella, who is based in Seattle, was the first gallery owner to back us in America. Over the last four years they have introduced so many people to my work from their spacious property in the heart of Soho. Michael Munro, one of the art consultants in the gallery, now works for DYP full time in New York.

We have considered a number of options to replace Rotella and we are very keen to have a new presence in the most important city in the world, but equally we saw no need to rush things – it was better to wait for the right opportunity in the right part of town.

For a while we have been talking to a new gallery that will open on 60th between Madison and Park right opposite the prestigious 520 Park residential tower. This development will open in late 2018 and is considered to be the most exclusive new residential address in Manhattan. Prices for apartments and penthouses are reaching $100m.

This is a well known area for many expats – with famous Upper East Side European restaurants in the same block such as Bilboquet and La Goulue.

It is no exaggeration to suggest that the exhibition space really is the epicentre of the most prime real estate in the whole of America and we are honoured that they would like to open their gallery with my work. It is too good an opportunity to turn down and we look forward to a very exciting autumn in Manhattan.

We hope to have a show on 60th between Madison and Park in September – that will be quite a thrill. We have no shortage of long standing friends and collectors in the hood.