Grizzly Plains Announcement

6th September 2018

I have been partnered with the young and dynamic WildArk for a year now and I could not be happier to congratulate them on their latest project, Based near one of my favourite places to capture brown bears in Alaska.

Please read their full release on their “Grizzly Plains” project below and to learn more, support or donate please visit

"WildArk is excited to announce its latest project in partnership with the Igiugig community on Lake Iliamna, Alaska. Phase 1 of the project named “Grizzly Plains” will secure a vital piece of land on the shore of the Kvichak River, one of the most important rivers in the greater Bristol Bay Salmon fishery, which is the largest natural Salmon fishery in the world. Phase 2 will expand out into a larger conservation area.

The Grizzly Plains project, led by the people of Igiugig, will be looking at increasing conservation, cultural, education and ecotourism initiatives across their homeland to help preserve the incredible biodiversity of the region, with Grizzly Bears, Wolves, Bald Eagles, Caribou and Moose just some of the iconic species that share the land with the people."