Mana Pools – Zimbabwe

26th May 2017

In Zimbabwe last month, I had the pleasure of spending time with the Australian rugby legend David Pocock and his partner Emma. Dave was born in Zim, but his family emmigrated to Brisbane when his country fell into a tailspin. He is a conservationist and a very well informed one – it is quite humbling to see this giant of a man correctly identify every bird call in the bush. Dave is an ambassador for Wildark and we look forward to finding ways to help this new conservation initiative in the years ahead. Australian rugby owes Scots a few favours after the last World Cup and it was only right that he did much of the heavy lifting that week in Mana Pools.

After the next World Cup in Japan, I am sure Dave will be allocating more and more of his time to conservation and Zimbabwe. If that is the case, we are lucky – he is an outstandingly intelligent and principled man and will make for a great spokesman for animals that have no voice.