Nikon D850: The Photographers

25th August 2017

In 1986, I covered the World Cup Final for the London Times in Mexico City. I was a young 20 year old and my passion for photography was coupled with a lack of experience and only average talent. Nevertheless, I managed to capture the noted image of Maradona with the World Cup. To this day, it remains one of my most treasured shots.

This was way back in the days of film and 20 rolls of Kodak transparency film went through my Nikon F3 camera bodies that Sunday afternoon in the Azteca. The advent of digital technology changed photography forever and led to the sad demise of Kodak, but my other brand partner that day – #Nikon – have gone from strength to strength and have just celebrated 100 years of business. It is now an iconic brand that is renowned for innovation and technical excellence.

Meanwhile, their intuitive camera bodies reflect a complete understanding of the needs of professional and amateur photographers alike. Their sleek aesthetics and ergonomic design is a constant and recognised feature. In 2017, Nikon are the world’s best selling and most recognised professional camera brand.

The arrival of the #NikonD850 will the most anticipated product release in photography for sometime and I am honoured to be a big a part it!