Recent Events – April

3rd April 2018

Nikon Shoot - Kenya


March saw another original content collaboration with Nikon - this time in Kenya. We shot two films in locations that could not have been more different. The first was in Amboseli with the Dutch celebrity Kim Feenstra, and the second was in the notorious dumpsite of Dandora in Nairobi.

Kenya may have some pockets of serenity, such as Amboseli, but there is a great deal of ill-informed nonsense spoken by romanticists. The country is one of the most corrupt in Africa - and there is considerable competition for that position. Great sections of Nairobi are out of bounds and dangerous. We only secured safe access to the sprawling 30 acres of Dandora, by paying the resident gang and then working with them, rather than around them. Money talks and once the gang and the police were paid, we were safe to try and create some surreal imagery of one of the most uninviting places in the country. It is a long way from the world of Karen Blixen. The lead gang members all have storied faces, but it’s best not to delve too much into the stories. The less one knows, the better, I think

Kim Feenstra is a good friend and a keen photographer. We have collaborated a couple of times on assignment and she certainly adds some entertainment to a trip. Kim is now working with Nikon gear under my tutorage, but I don’t think she really needs it - as all that know her will testify, she is opinionated, strong willed and full of positive energy – it comes out in her photography.