Recent Events – August

8th August 2018

The Hunter Foundation, Edinburgh

The Usual Suspects is probably one of the most coveted photographs we have released this year and two of the final available versions were sold for charity at the Hunter Foundation evening with Michelle Obama in Edinburgh for £70,000 a piece. This was a record sum for us at a charity event and particularly pleasing that it should happen in front of such an esteemed audience in my home country of Scotland. The evening will go a long way to meeting our goal of raising £1m for charity and conservation NGOs in 2018. We are delighted to have partnered with the Hunter Foundation at this event as they continue to make material progress in poverty reduction and educational enablement in Scotland. Sir Tom Hunter has been a guiding light for Scots in all walks of life and it is enriching to have his support and advice.


Tom Brady

One of the true perks of this job is meeting some extraordinary people around the world that now own my work. Some from politics, some from the entertainment world and a growing number of sportstars.

It’s rather refreshing to find that celebrities can be normal and charming, and none more so than America’s most famous sportsman - Tom Brady. My family and I delivered our new lion image - Thor - to his home in Boston last month and we would all admit to being slightly star struck ! It was rather surreal to then see my kids get involved in some ball throwing on his front lawn. Tom and his wife Gisele have enormous influence and it is so heartening that their voices are strong in the conservation battles that we face.

He is every bit the person we imagined him to be and more. A true icon of our times.