Recent Events – January

Recent Events – January

UBS Conference, Orlando

I was honoured to be asked to give the Keynote speech at the UBS Leaders' Forum in Orlando, Florida in early January. Over 900 delegates attended the three day conference and UBS do give me - as their Global Ambassador - a big stage from which to talk about conservation, sustainability and, of course, the unusual career path of photography to hedge fund management and then back again to photography.

Their private wealth management offices around the country offer us broader reach than we had before in America and many more events are planned in places such as Columbus Ohio, Midland Texas, Boston, New York, Rhode Island and Washington.

I would like to thank the wonderful Heather Crist from the UBS Chicago office for giving this partnership great momentum.

To see leading global banks such as UBS prioritising sustainability is a healthy step in the right direction and their American Private Wealth division is certainly the jewel in their crown. They have a big voice and a role to play.