Recent Events – January

8th February 2019

18 Days in Montana

Working with Cindy Crawford was, in many ways, a career highlight. She is an exceptional person and I gave it my all. I think we killed it and as a result the photographs should raise a significant amount for her preferred charity.

The only downside was my personal recognition that she does not look like she was born 10 days after me - more like 10 years.

There are too many people to thank in making it all happen, so I won’t - they all know who they are. I do, however, want to say a few words about a very special person - Tommy Rosenthal - or Rozy as he is known in Montana. This was a shoot that demanded bad ass pictures and he is about as bad ass as they get.

Rozy has done many jobs in his life - ice cream van driver, trout distributor, fence maker, taxi driver, chauffeur, bar manager and then some illegal stuff which we can’t mention here. But everyone that meets him immediately adores him. Someone once told me that there are two types of people in the world - drains and radiators - meaning that some drain a room of energy, whilst others warm the same room.

Rozy sits very comfortably in the second camp. There is a reason that he keeps creeping into our staged photographs too and that is simply because he makes the image stronger. Quite a trick when the only other human is Cindy Crawford.

We teamed up again with Josie Canseco in Montana. Her career is on a roll and she knows exactly how to work with the camera. She also gave the locals in a saloon in the hills of Montana an unexpected bar show on a Friday night.