Recent Events – October

1st November 2019

Galleri Fineart, Oslo

We spent the best part of a week in Oslo, Norway at our biggest gallery by space in the world. Galleri Fineart did a fantastic job and the footfall was ridiculous. Oslo is such a sophisticated capital and we were so flattered to get such an extraordinary welcome both inside and outside the gallery.

Over the years we have made many friends in the city and the list continued to grow as we had three back to back lock ins at a bar around the corner from the gallery.

Special thanks to Magnus Halvorsen for being the great man he is and all the team at the gallery. Rolf, Tonje and Kristen, we salute you! Roll on two year’s time! The secret is out - this is perhaps the best art gallery on mainland Europe.


Maddox Gallery, London


The show at our flagship Maddox Gallery in Westbourne Grove, London set records at many levels for both the artist and the gallery. Their attention to guest list detail and investment in every evening sets a high bar.

The advertising campaign in Notting Hill Tube Station clearly boosted weekend footfall and we certainly sold more work out of one gallery on one month than ever before. We knew we were playing at home and we knew it would be strong, but this surpassed all our expectations. We thank Maddox for a great collective effort.


David Yarrow on Piers Morgan's Good Morning Britain

It was fun to begin our week in London with a slot on Piers Morgan’s GMB show. There is never a dull moment with Piers and despite our friendship, I knew he would throw me the odd curve ball. Suzanna Reid and Piers are at the top of their game and any guest that is not energised by appearing on their show, should probably not be there in the first place.


Charity Donations 2019

Our fund-raising efforts in 2019 will be weighted to the final quarter of the year and we have now built a solid platform on which to achieve a record number. Whilst conservation is core to our purpose, the funds raised are split across other areas that are important to us, such as medical care and research. In the autumn we sold two copies of the image Squad which raised £165,000 in total.