Recent Events – October

8th October 2018

Six Nights in Dallas

We love Dallas at DYP and we love Texans - they have not only taken to my work, but they entertain with such warmth of hospitality. Over the last four years we have now sold over 100 pieces of art through our representative gallery - Samuel Lynne. Their excellent team would be the first to acknowledge that they have been helped in this crusade by leading figures in the city such as Steve Stodghill, Phil Romano and Al Biernat. Our work hangs in restaurants, bars, legal offices and private clubs because of a great team effort. Dallas is almost a second home for us now.

We held six events in the city in September and all were fun and very well attended - it seems a long time ago in 2015 that I first visited the city and started introducing my work. I guess it shows that it has all been very much worthwhile.

Samuel Lynne is a big gallery, but every time we visit, they now pack it out. Thank you JD, Lea, Kristin, Asher and Brooks.



Photokina, Cologne

Nikon has recently launched their new mirrorless camera system - it is an important development for the Japanese camera brand that I have been wedded to for 35 years. Two months ago they asked me to test the prototype in Arizona and Utah where we were filming. I went on to speak about the system as a European Ambassador at the world’s biggest photography fair - Photokina in Cologne.

After giving 11 speeches over the course of the fair I must admit to being very bored with myself, but there were over 85,000 visitors to the exhibition halls and it was good to run into many old mates. The camera system is excellent and very easy to use.



Nikon D810 Competition Winner

I am pleased to announce the winner of my Nikon D810 Camera give away for which there were over 3,000 applicants. This very camera was used to take some of the most important shots in my career. I hope it brings Otto Boyer the same fortune.

I regularly get asked for advice from aspiring photographers who are more often than not looking for assistance on technical expertise, but photography is not about technical fluency. A camera is just a piece of metal, and you are smarter than a piece of metal. Be your own biggest critic, study the work of others for inspiration, and be relentless in your pursuit to elicit an emotional reaction in the viewer.