The Tour Is Wrapped

18th December 2016

So the tour is wrapped. Emotionally and physically exhausted. Boston, Nashville, Sharjah, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Antwerp, Zurich, Paris, Milan, Stockholm, New York, Dallas, Greenwich, Miami and Palm Beach.

I can't thank my suppliers enough - Bowhaus in LA, Genesis In London, Frame products in Holland and Lamount In NYC. You all have pushed boundaries. Your pursuit of excellence is humbling.
Yesterday in Florida was extraordinary. And to end the tour with Holden Luntz - the formative photographic gallery in the world. I pinch myself.

We are a team and I have a dream team in London - led by the extraordinary Milly Cannon, my dear friend Libby Offord, my PA for 17 years - Louise Delaney and then also Alex Ames. You all rock.

I really think we did what no one else could have done. 7000 visitors, the book virtually sold out (Rizzoli print rerun after just 3 months) and huge print sales. Amazon art book of year. Over £500,000 raised in 2016 for charity/conservation and also awareness heightened for the mess we are making of our natural world.

For my part, I have not started. We have huge momentum - and we will use it. Like many artists, I was insecure about my work, but now thanks to so many supporters and collectors, I believe that I may have something. Bring it on and thank you to everyone. I am proud. Now family time.
Happy Christmas to you all xx