Tusk Wildlife Gala

24th March 2017

I am pleased that my relationship with TUSK - the UK’s most prestigious conservation NGO - is now in its 4th year. My role as their affiliated photographer awards me many advantages in the field and I delighted that I can give back partly by my imagery raising awareness of the beauty of African wildlife, but more substantively by charity sales of my prints at TUSK events. In the last 2 years, the most important of these has been the Gala dinner in NYC in early April. This year we are hoping that bids for 3 of my more coveted images will reach new highs.

I would like to thank Charlie Mayhew - the Founder of TUSK and Ellen O’ Connell their American CEO for their unwavering support for all that I do. There is much more that we can do together and I would urge everyone to remember that we have a responsibility to end our tenancy of the planet with a better legacy than the one that presently would be ascribed to us.