Upcoming Events – February

6th February 2018

Global Launch of Tag Heuer Campaign


There is no doubt about the big event coming up for us. In the last week of February, Tag Heuer – part of LVMH – will launch their new global campaign in London. The model was Cara Delevingne – probably the most influential model in the world right now – and I am delighted to say that I was the photographer.

LVMH gave me editorial control on the project and I decided to shoot in Africa with lions just before Christmas. Cara has a well- known affection for the lion and indeed has a lion’s face tattooed on a finger on her right hand. I had a preconception of the image I wanted to take and I talked at length with Kevin Richardson – “The Lion Whisperer” – as to how we could achieve our goal.

It was not something I could really afford to get wrong and as it turned out, we absolutely nailed it. Huge credit must go to Cara, who is outstanding, Kevin and of course the lion. I don’t really even get on the medal podium.

What I do know now is the flagship image of the new “Don’t crack under pressure campaign” – which will be displayed around the world very soon – is set to become famous. It will be unveiled at a private event by Cara and I at Maddox Gallery in Westbourne Grove in late February and I would imagine the media coverage will be quite unprecedented for a commercial campaign.

We have the picture heavily under wraps, but when I showed it in the LA studio to a leading local music executive, he wrote:

“Like a smash hit song, you hum all day and the hook stays with you long after the music stops. This picture is the same. I can’t stop seeing it and even if I tried I could not remove it from my brain.

It is one of the most arresting shots I’ve ever seen. Stunning. Breathtaking. So blessed I was able to witness it. Thanks for sharing. Wow.”

It is certainly a career defining moment and I can’t wait to unveil it this month. It was an honour to work with a company like LVMH – they set a very high bar in everything that they do.