Upcoming Events – January

11th January 2019

New Book Launch


In December we signed a new book deal with Rizzoli New York. Rizzoli published Wild Encounters which, in 2016, was named Amazon Art Book of the Year and is now on its fourth print run having sold over 26,000 copies in English and Italian.

The new book will represent a step up for both Rizzoli and ourselves and will be out in mid October. It will be larger and heavier than Wild Encounters and will have in the region of 130 - 140 new unpublished images. As with Wild Encounters, all my royalties will go to conservation foundations. That is exactly what should be happening. I look forward to making some exciting announcements on this in the months ahead.

We will be doing a global tour of shows to coincide with the book launch from mid September onwards.

159 Gallery, Hamburg

January 17th

For some time we have been researching the German market. Arguably no European country has played a bigger role in the entry of photography into the private club of collectible fine art than our friends across the water. Berlin plays host to many strong art galleries that showcase contemporary photography and the Düsseldorf school of photography, led by Andreas Gursky, has changed the perceived value of strictly limited edition photographic prints forever. In the taking and selling of photographs, Germany, in my view, has a stronger and more relevant legacy than France. We owe Germans a big thank you.

The problem is simply that the distribution of culture in the country is so even that there are no cities that stand out as the place to start. Put Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt to the vote and all would get an equal share.

Last year our European sales rose by over 50%, but until the final month we had made no progress at all in Germany.

But we have now made some decisions and we could not be more excited about our show in Germany’s second biggest city - Hamburg - in January. From there we will move into Munich in February I hope all of our “super nice” Germans friends in London get behind the events - but then again, they always do, and this time they are in Germany!

St Moritz

January 25th

When I read about the event in St. Moritz I must admit, my first thought was that I would not have liked to be the first person testing whether it would be possible to play polo on a frozen lake, but it seems this variation on the sport has been a huge success. The Snow Polo tournament in St. Moritz this January has now been running since 1985.

I am pleased to be showing over 15 pieces at this prestigious event. As ever, the support for our work in Switzerland remains strong, for which we owe thanks to a number of old friends and the hardwork of Petra Gut Contemporary.