Upcoming Events – May

4th May 2018

Sotheby’s - London

17th May

I am only too aware that after the success of my work in the Sotheby's auction in New York, there will be a bit of added interest in the last available print of 78 Degrees North which comes under the hammer on May 17th in New Bond Street, London. It is slightly unnerving that my prices are now very much being watched – it’s only taken 36 years.

We are, however, quite optimistic on this particular image. It was only taken 10 months ago, but sold out at high prices very quickly. It is a deeply emotional photograph and a highly unusual portrait of a polar bear. Many people regard this as their favourite image that I have ever taken and I hope some of them will be active in the bidding which should be around 4:30 pm UK time. Many of the earlier prints in the edition appropriately ended up in Norway (the image was taken in Svalbard) and we would expect Norwegians to be involved in the bidding.

Petra Gut Contemporary - Zurich

31st May

We have many friends in the great city of Zurich and it has been 30 months since we have shown there. It is time to go back and I am so pleased that Julius Baer Private Bank will again be supporting us - as they did in Gstaad. It is also good that my dear friend Paul Schwob, who used to represent me in Switzerland, but had to reduce his commitment because of ill health, is feeling much stronger and will be in town to support our efforts.

Most of all, however, I would like to thank Petra Gut for opening her eponymous new gallery with an exhibition of my work.

MAS Speaking Tour - New Zealand

22nd May

I must confess to never having been to New Zealand and so when the opportunity came up to do a week’s speaking tour in the country, I was intrigued. A bit of due diligence informed me that the invitation was a great honour and that the events would be heavily attended. The programme has been put together by MAS - a highly respected membership-based society for professional people. The first night in Auckland sold out immediately so we have agreed to do another evening in the city. In total MAS now expect over 4,000 people over the four evenings - I better not disappoint or lose my voice. I do have the odd speaker guest ticket. If anyone is interested, please contact the office.

The full itinerary is below.