Upcoming Events – November

8th November 2017

Art Miami

5 – 10 December, 2017

Miami in December is now not just a feature of the art calendar, it is pivotal to the art calendar. The second week of the month is penned in to the diaries of collectors, dealers and curators at the beginning of the year with redder and redder ink. There is momentum in the city and great momentum in the Miami Basel and Art Miami events. It is estimated that this year’s fair will bring 100,000 visitors to the city – so the FOMO will surely reach new highs. South Beach is back to its very best – albeit Ian Schrager et al have driven “the scene” emphatically more north from the old days.

We will be there in force in December and many of the galleries that represent us across the world will be exhibiting. We are hugely flattered they all have expressed an interest in showing some of our recent work, but we cannot be showing in multiple locations – it is simply not the way.

We will have work in two booths – both with fantastic galleries. Holden Luntz is one of the most prestigious photographic galleries in the world and we are honoured to be represented by him in Florida. No one has been more helpful in guiding my career than Holden and West Palm Beach has become a part of my life. It will be very special to work with him and Jodi Luntz in Miami. What Holden does not know about the history of photography is probably not worth prepping up on.

Maddox Gallery in London are a breath of fresh air and they have taken the stuffy and intimidating London art market by storm. They are disruptors and have made art fun, understandable and sexy. Our show with them in Notting Hill in October broke records in terms of attendance and sales and they are now our highest selling gallery in the world. Word gets around and some more established galleries have been taken by surprise. We are delighted that Maddox are coming to Miami and we simply had to work with them. They will have some wonderful artists on show in their booth.



We will be based at the recently revamped Fountainbleu Hilton – one of the Grand Dame Hotels of South Beach and the playground of Frank Sinatra and his brat pack. This will be a trip down memory lane as I stayed there in 1994 whilst doing a photo shoot for American Express. I remember this staged shot in the waterfall as if it were yesterday. We will be hosting a reception and dinner at the Fountainbleu hotel on Thursday 10th December and invitations will be out very shortly. If you plan to be in Miami, do try and keep the evening free.