Upcoming Events – October

30th August 2018


Photokina, Cologne

September 26th - 29th
The Photokina Fair in Cologne is now established as the World’s leading photographic and imaging fair and over 200,000 people will attend the event in Cologne this autumn. As a European ambassador for Nikon I was always scheduled to be speaking every day of the show in Germany.

But for Nikon the event has taken on added importance because of a recent major product launch.The company has just introduced their first mirrorless camera system - a very significant event for the Japanese camera brand that I have worked with for 32 years. Sony has really had this market to itself for a while and this is Nikon’s first counter attack. Nikon is a conservative company and this is a bold move for sure.

I have no doubt that the system will be well received by most and I am honoured to have been asked by Nikon to showcase the camera. So I am now in possession of the new equipment and look forward to testing it on a polar bear shoot in the arctic in 3 weeks time. By the time Photokina comes around in Cologne, I will have poster large images on display from that trip - hopefully they will be of polar bears - otherwise they maybe a little dull.


Maddox Gallery, London

October 22nd
This October we will be returning to Maddox Gallery in Westbourne Grove, London, for a one man show centred around our recent collaboration with TAG Heuer and Cara Delevingne. Invitations for the opening evening on the 22nd October, hosted by all connected parties, will be delivered in September.

The #Don’tCrackUnderPressure campaign, featuring Cara, has now been unveiled worldwide. This will be our major show in Europe in the final third of the year. The opening event will include an auction of one of the limited edition prints of Cara with all the proceeds going to her foundation.