The Printing

All of David’s images are produced by BowHaus in California. BowHaus are a highly regarded Los Angeles-based printer of archival pigment prints. They work with the leading galleries in America and some of the most recognised contemporary photographers.

Their proprietorial printing process employs technology that transcends generic digital prints by allowing for bespoke allocations of the 12 ink cartridges within the Canon drum printer. All prints are on 315gsm Hahnemühle photo rag Baryta paper and varnished after processing to give both endurance and sheen.

Pre-printing, the raw camera files are prepared by craftsmen of the highest calibre to ensure that these very large prints have consistent tonal renditions and powerful contrast. BowHaus are leading exponents of art and technology working together to produce picture quality that surpasses traditional darkroom printing and machine operated digital printing.

The Mounting and Framing

David’s prints are all mounted and framed in a quality that befits the print. Mounts are hand-made and finished with a single piece of white cotton cloth. All prints framed worldwide are consistent with this style.

* We endeavor to frame locally where possible and have a number of trusted framers in the US. Prints can be purchased unframed upon request.

Frame Products

Amsterdam – Netherlands

Our framing partner for Continental Europe, Frame Products, is a long-term partner based in Amsterdam who first crafted the frames used in the solo presentation of David’s works in Amsterdam, including his large-scale photographic works such as Mankind.

Frame Products has a uniquely broad collection of frames (wood and aluminum) and is well known for its craftsmanship, flexibility, innovation, customized solutions and exceptional quality work. Besides Frame Products is a specialist in Art-Handling, worldwide shipping and storage. Accordingly, Frame Products is used by many professional photographers, artists and prestigious galleries, including David Yarrow.


New York – Laumont Studio

Gemini Builds It – Elgin, Illinois

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