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Vergenoeg, Namibia 2013

To tell stories is liberating because we all become too immersed in the repetitious reality of daily life. It is good to dream and to conjure up imagery that is the stuff of fantasy. This is never far from my mind in Africa because we all grew up being told African wildlife stories. But to me, this photograph is as much about light, line and curves as it is about the story. There is a great deal going on within this picture. No one has ever before stood on this remote sand dune with this surreal image in front of them and that is good enough for me. The story unfolding belongs to the imagination of the buyer, not the artist.

Available sizes (Framed size)

Large: 71" x 107" (180 cm x 272 cm)
Standard: 52" x 76" (132 cm x 193 cm)

Available editions

Large: Edition of 12
Standard: Edition of 12