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Norway, 2019

It is not that challenging to take a photograph of an orca - all that is needed is a bit of research, an experienced boat captain and an appetite for the sea. It is, however, extremely difficult to take a picture of an orca that is exciting, close and immersive and until this last trip to Norway, I had failed. Nothing I had taken before was special and nothing certainly constituted art.

The problem has always been two-fold. Firstly, I am too far away and secondly, my angle of view is too high because whatever boat I am on does not allow a shooting position close enough to the water.

Available sizes (Framed size)

Large: 55" x 116" (140 cm x 295 cm)
Standard: 45" x 91" (114 cm x 231 cm)

Available editions

Large: Edition of 12
Standard: Edition of 12