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Amboseli, Kenya 2017

Bang! This was one of my big photographs of 2017. I want to take pictures that stop people in their tracks. An American friend of mine in the fashion industry calls it a “Kennedy Dead” photo or headline. This is a “Kennedy Dead” image.

In truth, it is a lucky shot on the widest angle lens I have – the 20mm. The subject needs to be so close otherwise it will always be “loose” and this requires a great deal of predictive analysis and good fortune. I am clearly not with the camera!

The composition is an act of god – but I am willing to take it. The frame within the frame. The big bull had to block the late afternoon sun otherwise there was no picture and he kindly did that, which allowed the lighting to be energetic and dramatic. The whole picture – almost full frame – will never be repeated. This immersive study of their kingdom is a complete one off.

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Large: Edition of 12
Standard: Edition of 12