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Lewa, Kenya 2013

Zebras are not photographers’ friends. They couple a rather clumsy running style with skittish nerves and herd instincts. In some parts of Sub-Saharan Africa it is very difficult to get close and after a while, there are few photographers that have the will-power to bother. The Grevy’s Zebra of East Africa offers the best chance of proximity and also – by good fortune – the best facial aesthetics. I knew what I was looking for with this animal – it was all about the lines and the patterns within a small group and then hoping the light would help. I knew as soon as I pressed the shutter that I had finally got the image.

Available sizes (Framed size)

Large: 71" x 81" (180 cm x 206 cm)
Standard: 52" x 59" (132 cm x 150 cm)

Available editions

Large: Edition of 20
Standard: Edition of 20