David Yarrow To Exhibit In Amsterdam This Winter!

27th October 2015

We are delighted to announce that between the 7th November - 27th December, David will be exhibiting in his largest single-man show to date. “Getting Close” at Kunsthuis Gallery in Amsterdam will feature a selection of David’s most iconic work to date including prints of his recent work from the summer.

We are excited to work with Kunsthuis Gallery who see David’s images to be distinguished by their sense of atmosphere and connection. They recognise David’s passion, patience, commitment and momentum as the cornerstones of his quest for images that set the other offerings of this genre in the shade.

David is thrilled to announce the news - “I love the city of Amsterdam and it’s people, so it is incredibly exciting to exhibit here this winter. Since I had the honour of appearing on Ivo Neihe’s show I have had such fantastic support from the Dutch people and this is a great way of saying thank you and giving back.