“It’s Only a Matter of Time” Raises $65,000 for Cox Bazar Charity Foundation

1st January 2018

On this first day of 2018, the world seems to be turning a blind or disinterested eye to the shocking situation in Cox Bazar in Bangladesh where the number of Rohingya refugees is now estimated to be nearing 1 million.

But some influential and good men do care. Last night Nachson Mimran and Marcel Bach, owners of the celebrated Alpina Hotel in Gstaad, set the stage for me to auction my Chicago image “It’s just a matter of time“ at their New Year’s Eve dinner. All the proceeds would go to the camp in Cox Bazar – where Nachson has just established a charity foundation. This is no lame effort – he has just returned from the camp and the images he showed me are harrowing.

It was my first shot at auctioning at such a big dinner and at 11.45 pm it was a challenge, but thanks to very generous bidders, we raised $65,000 for the limited edition print. Sadly that will not go that far and we all need to be more conscious of the developing humanitarian crisis. There are 300,000 children in this camp today.

Thank you MaddoxGallery in Gstaad for a wonderful week of shows. My family will be sad to leave, but equally we know how incredibly fortunate we all are.