Little Napoleon – South Georgia With Natural World Safaris

4th December 2018

I hoped that one day we would be treated to some miserable conditions in South Georgia as snowfall can add character to an image and endorse a sense of place. We certainly got our day and luckily this King Penguin group obliged with this vignette. The lead guy has a Napoleon look about him - it was "his way or the highway". The topography of the beach lent to the composition and offered some depth to the narrative.

I want to thank Natural World Safaris (NWS) for assisting us in this trip. There were no guests - just a film crew and my team. Will Bolsover - the owner of NWS came along too and I was reminded just how much he cares about everything being exactly right. The crew of 12 looked after us wonderfully well in some fairly tough conditions and everyone returned to the Falklands with warm feelings towards the adventure and all 4 pounds heavier - testimony to the kitchen.

I avoid leading trips as I want to focus on my work rather than the work of others and on some assignments a heavy footprint can lead to compromise. However, NWS are a class outfit and are constant in their pursuit of excellence - If I do anything along these lines it will be with them. One trip every 18 months seems about right to me.

I have agreed to lead a trip to Antarctica with NWS in 2020 and places are going quickly.

See this link for details