Svalbard Photography Tour – 19 June, 2017

26th May 2017

My assignments can often be fairly solitary affairs and I am generally fed up with my own company. Meanwhile, every box set has been devoured - some twice. The problem is that many of my end destinations don’t hold great appeal for those looking for a luxury break so I tend to miss out on locations with spas, Wi-Fi and a decent cellar. The road less travelled tends to be so for good reason.
I have been reluctant to lead any photographic expeditions because I tend to be focused on my own performance when on assignment. I would feel something of a fraud if I could not help all of those that had paid extra money to come with me. With large numbers it is a hell of a challenge and I would feel conflicted. I am an artist not a coach.

But a year ago, I was introduced to an enlightened adventurer - Will Bolsover - whose business, Natural World Safaris, designs finely tuned trips for very small groups of similarly minded people. They are best in class and Will has persuaded me to lead a trip of less than a dozen people around Svalbard this coming month. The boat, MS Freya (above), is small enough for the team to work intimately and I hope those going will be treated to some spectacular polar bear encounters. I know both the area and polar bear behaviour well and I will do my best to help all those coming get the most out of whatever nature offers.

This trip has been sold out for a long time, but for those interested in the concept, we will be partnering again next year (early November on a larger boat!) - this time on a two week round trip from the Falklands to South Georgia - a blue ribbon wildlife destination. Anyone who is interested should contact our info line asap - spaces are already extremely limited. Will and I are designing the trip and it is very much about South Georgia and the massive king penguin colonies. I can’t wait!

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