The Usual Suspects Raises £140k At Charity Auction

20th July 2018

We’re firmly committed to the target of raising over £1m for conservation NGO’s and charity organisations in 2018.

The £140,000 raised for the auction of my image, The Usual Suspects, will go a long way towards meeting that goal, as well as helping The Hunter Foundation achieve their goal of determining model solutions to achieve poverty reduction and educational enablement.

The photograph, taken in Montana this year, was bought by London property developer Nick Candy for £70,000 before a rival bidder got lucky when David revealed that an identical print was available at the same price.

David said of taking the image: “The first time I set foot in Montana, I knew I was in a very special place.

“It was not just the majesty of the scenery, it was the characters that lived there.

“No state embodies the final frontier of America more than Montana.

“I wanted ex-convicts, wolf wranglers, wannabe Davey Crocketts and crazy old mountain men that are drunk by 11am.

“This week we had our reward. I think we nailed it!”