Upcoming Assignments – October

6th October 2017

Tsavo National Park – The Big Tuskers

October is my favourite time of year in East Africa – the summer tourists have gone and the dry season has made animal behaviour more predictable. Furthermore, the late afternoon skies are often filled with dark and menacing clouds – heralding the start of the rains. Dramatic skies can make all the difference between a great image and a rather dull one.

Next week we will be heading to Tsavo National Park – the vast and storied ecosystem in the south of Kenya. It is here that 90% of the planet’s big tuskers remain and we go solely with the purpose of getting one cracking image of these mammoth like elephants. their fast disappearing gene pool makes this a most timely visit and we hope that we can come home with strong original content.

I would like to thank, in advance, Richard Moller – of the Tsavo Trust – for his help and accommodation on this assignment.