Upcoming Events – September

8th August 2018

Tusk Trust, Rhino sculpture showing in Duke of York Square

We have worked with the UK’s most recognised and established conservation NGO, Tusk, for several years now and I am most proud to be their affiliated photographer. Other than charity auctions and our last book, much of this collaboration is a step away from the public eye. But in August we are flattered to be one of a small number of British artists that have contributed a rhino for their spectacular rhino parade in London.

Making our rhino has been a meaningful amount of work and I can claim very little of the credit for what I think is a spectacular and relevant piece. Thank you to Alex Ames, the artist Venetia Berry and of course Ken Sethi of Genesis - whose brilliant team wrapped the rhino with my prints of endangered wildlife. Genesis - London’s leading counterparty for fine art photographers - will also be sponsoring the work. They are the best of the best.

The sculpture will be installed in Duke of York Square - a mere 400 yards from our Sloane Street Studio in Chelsea, London on the 20th August. The footfall should be fantastic, please go and check out an art piece that I think sends a most emotional message. The sculpture will be auctioned off at Christies, London in October, with all the proceeds going to Tusk to help their relentless efforts in Africa. We have made a pre-auction bid of £15,000 to buy the work back, but it should go for much more than that. Thanks to my team, it is a stunning and unique piece of art.

Samuel Lynne Galleries, Dallas

Saturday, 8th September
We look forward to returning to Dallas, Texas for a series of events in September. Dallas is a key city for us and over the years we have been lucky to establish a very solid collector base. The lead evenings will be at our gallery partners Samuel Lynne where the opening night of my show will be Saturday 8th September.

Samuel Lynne is the biggest gallery by space that represents us in America and they are expecting a large crowd. There will be other evenings hosted by three of our great sponsors and friends in the city - Phil Romano, Steve and Anne Stodghill and Al Biernat. They are all leading Dallas figures and it is wonderful to have them as collectors and friends.

Dallas is also the home of Roxanna Redfoot, who has played a number of characters in my staged work in Montana and on all occasions, she has been quite exceptional. We are looking forward to welcoming her and her friends to the evenings. I would also like to make a special thanks to my fellow Nikon Ambassador and Texan - Dixie Dixon - without whom many good things this year would not have happened.